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TRAVEL TRAVEL-TIPS Should You Buy a Scooter or Moped to Save on Gas? Buying a Cheap Scooter During Tough Times

Should You Buy a Scooter or Moped to Save on Gas? Buying a Cheap Scooter During Tough Times

By: Jonathan Souza | Jul 29 2008 | 623 words | 890 hits


Whereas buying a scooter used to seem like a far-fetched idea, or at least one that was only thought of by younger, more immature minds, the idea of owning that sleek and stylish moped or scooter is becoming more sane. Perhaps it's the insanity of gas prices that brings us to make justifications in our minds, or maybe just the thought of doing anything we can to save an extra buck, but either way, scooters are owning the streets like never before.

These gas saving two-wheelers are much quieter than they used to be as well and they look more like motorcycles than skateboards on steroids. Whether it's the fancy gas efficient Vespa or the more sporty Honda or Yamaha moped one desires, it's usually the excuse for saving money on gas that prompts the decision, but the sheer fun of cruising one of these scooters around town is surely the concept that seals the deal. Http:// has a great selection of both electric and gas scooters so I encourage you to check them out to find the right moped or scooter for you.

So what should you look for in a scooter? Well, it mainly depends on your reason for getting one. If you are in the market just because they look fun and you have the extra money to spare, you may want to check out the Honda or Suzuki scooters out there. With 250cc engines these scooters can exceed speeds of 80mph, which I wouldn't recommend in those little bikes by the way.

If you want to buy a moped just to fit in with those snooty neighbors who have been going green ever since those fluorescent CFL light-bulbs came out, then by all means, look into an electric scooter. Not only is electricity much cheaper than gas, but the technology in electric scooters has improved exponentially over the past few years. These electric scooters can now exceed speeds of 30mph and ride for over 30 miles before having to plugged in again. With an electric scooter it's one less trip to the gas station you have to make, so there is reprieve there as well. And of course, your neighbors will beam with joy when they see your quiet little humming electric scooter pulling up into your driveway. Honk with pride; you have gone green.

However, if you are like me, the reason you want a scooter is that you are just tired of spending so much money on gas, and ANY relief is welcomed. And yes, the mere satisfaction of having a zippy little moped is nice too. These gasoline scrooges can put away up to 80 miles before they fork out a gallon of gas. Yes, that's 80 miles to the gallon. Not too shabby, even if you are a little late to work. Which reminds me, you want to give yourself a little more time for wherever you are going.

If you don't want to hassle with registering your scooter or moped then you will want to find a scooter that is under 50cc, because by law anything over that is pretty much treated like a motorcycle would be. To avoid all that nasty paperwork, get a 49cc scooter. They can be surprisingly quiet compared to the common thoughts about them and have some pep in their step as well. Anything going up to 35 mph is great. After all, the goal is not to go just as fast as before to where ever you are going, it's just to get there cheaper. If you want to buy a cheap moped or scooter try the link below and look around to find just the right one that suits your needs and lifestyle.

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I am always looking for ways to save the consumer a few extra bucks. It's important to be frugal but also to have a giving spirit.
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