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TRAVEL TRAVEL-TIPS Tips And Suggestions For Tourists On Their Maiden Taj Mahal Trip

Tips And Suggestions For Tourists On Their Maiden Taj Mahal Trip

By: Nainika Reddy | Nov 14 2013 | 453 words | 1949 hits

If you are heading for your first Taj Mahal visit, a few tips and suggestions should do you good. This article feeds you with several vital tips.

Hugging the Yamuna River in Agra and kissing the skies, the Taj Mahal is one of the most photogenic destinations in the world. In India, it has got a reverent reputation. So, you won't find it hard to reach it, irrespective of your current location. Packages including Chennai Agra tour and Bangalore Agra tour are now easy to grab. But read on these tips and suggestions before you begin your Taj odyssey:

i. Time it right:

Though you can plan a trip anytime, while visiting the Taj itself, you should exercise some caution. Taj Mahal is out of bounds for tourists every Friday. Keep this fact in mind. It can be heartbreaking if you reach the gates and find them shut. Also, when you are paying your first visit to the Taj, it will be better to drop by at a time when the monument is at its beautiful most. The best time for general viewing is during the time of the sunrise. The Taj's gates are open at 6 am. So, try to make it amongst the first flood of viewers. Nothing better if you can make it during a full moon night.

ii. Buying and bargaining:

Your Chennai Agra tour or Bangalore Agra tour shall drop you before Taj which is usually infested by hawkers, vendors and sellers of all kinds. They will insist that you buy but you must not show too much excitement. They will try their best to fleece you or dupe you by overcharging you. Bargaining is the key to surviving in Indian markets. The rule gets magnified in importance if you happen to be a tourist.

iii. Dress modestly:

Taj Mahal is a place of historic and even religious importance. You must not come in skimpy attire. Though you can wear casual cool outfits, but do not wear anything which may invite lecherous stares and put the officials in a bit of a fix or frown.

iv. Do not get touchy-feely:

Taj Mahal is the ultimate tribute to love. It is one of the most romanticized structures in the world and so we won't blame you if you develop mushy feelings during your first visit to Taj. India is a liberal country to an extent but it has its reservations when it comes to PDA. If you wish to hold the hands of your spouse in front of the Taj or even plant a peck, nobody would mind. But getting too touchy-feely and locking lips is something of a taboo. So, try not to do that. The hotels and resorts of Agra are better places to do that.


About author:
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