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TRAVEL TRAVEL-TIPS Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Vietnam Visa On Arrival

By: Tomy Ngo | May 11 2012 | 630 words | 1140 hits

People are tourists and not the special circumstances required procedures before entry into Vietnam. Vietnam Visa on arrival issued at the diplomatic mission or consulate of Vietnam in foreign countries. For countries with which Vietnam has no diplomatic mission or consulate of Vietnam in foreign countries, travelers can get a visa at the border, but visitors must have an invitation by the agency authorized representative in Vietnam or tourists traveling by tour by the company or organization organized in Vietnam. As such, the relevant procedures will be addressed thoroughly in these organizations. Visitors can learn concepts related to the Vietnam visa in order to understand more details

The papers of Vietnam Visa on arrival

The Vietnam Visa on arrival papers include of as follows
* The application entry in the printed form (this form may vary depending diplomatic mission or consulate of Vietnam in foreign countries). Usually there are two forms: One is a template for the foreigner to win and a second sample for Vietnam to win overseas. People need to open fully and accurately the items required in a single authentication
* Two photos of size 4×6 or 3×4.
* Original passport issued by country of residence
* To pay visa fees.
Vietnam Visa on arrival application and photo to send visitors to the diplomatic representative offices or representative offices of Vietnam in foreign countries that visitors find most convenient. If guests request, the results can return by mail (Visitors should provide stamped envelopes with full name and address of the recipient). The visa will be more convenient if traveling travel through the service unit level indirect visa Vietnam, this article, you'll save time and avoid redundant procedures and unnecessary.
Guests need to provide information to the company as Vietnam Visa on arrival services include:
1. Full name and full
2. Date and place of birth
3. Citizenship
4. Position
5. Number of passport
6. On arrival, date of travel
7. Intended to receive visas at the diplomatic missions, consulates in each country of Vietnam. For Vietnam to overseas, some additional information such as year and the reason he left Vietnam, means leaving Vietnam, the names and addresses of relatives in Vietnam, relations with relatives in Vietnam.

Free entry Vietnam visa on arrival

Free entry Vietnam visa on arrival (valid from 15 days to 30 days) including of somethings as follows:
Citizens of countries that sign bilateral visa exemption with Vietnam: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, or a citizen of Japan, Korea, Vietnam are the countries that unilateral Vietnam visa on arrival exemption.

Visa exemption for citizens of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland
On 04.13.2005, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued together with Decision No. 808/2005/QD-BNG visa regulations for citizens of countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. From the date of 01/5/2005, the citizens of said country, irrespective of the passport and entry purposes, are exempt from entry and exit Vietnam for a stay not exceeding 15 days date of entry, if it satisfies the conditions: a valid passport issued by the competent authorities of the country where the passport is a citizen, a passport valid for at least 03 months from the date of entry; there transport ticket or round-trip travel to other countries; Not subject to ban the entry or entry is not in accordance with the laws of Vietnam. Those eligible for visa exemption mentioned above, after entering Vietnam to stay over 15 days and if there is good reason, agencies, organizations and individuals of Vietnam requested the Ministry of Public Security (Administration entry and exit) or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Consular Department of the Protocol Department, Department of Foreign Affairs Ho. Ho Chi Minh), it may be considered for visas and temporary residence in accordance with the purpose of applying to stay. Citizens of the above if in Vietnam with a stay of 15 days must apply for a visa under the provisions.



About author:
The author has held a long term interest in the Vietnammigration advice industry, and on recent completion of the Graduate Certificate in Migration Law and Practice at Vietnam Visa is thoroughly enjoying working in the constantly evolving area of Migration Law. Her areas of focus in Visitors Visas.    
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