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TRAVEL VACATION-RENTALS Unravel the Mysteries of Africa

Unravel the Mysteries of Africa

By: Blue Lizard | Nov 13 2013 | 439 words | 1555 hits

Africa, the mysterious continent is a continent where life is believed to have begun on this earth. It has all kinds of biological environments; dense forests, tropical jungles, deserts, long rivers, big lakes, mountain ranges and open grasslands which are the home of the most diverse flora and fauna on our planet. There are many ancient tribes here who live in the deep jungles in the way they have been living for thousands of centuries. Many other tribes who were discovered by civilized man were exploited and their way of life disrupted. The natural beauty of Africa which includes vegetation, wild life and old civilizations, has been spoilt by the over indulgence and greed of man. There are two main reasons why Africa attracts people from all over the world travelling in Africa to experience the fantastic biodiversity of the continent and volunteer work for the betterment of the environment and the rural population of different countries in Africa.

Many NGO s and International agencies are working on many projects such as Volunteer Africa where anybody can go and work on environmental and health projects in different parts of Africa. Leisure and adventure travel in Africa is also popular and many good travel and tour companies offer guided and other tour packages to suit the taste and budget of different kinds of travelers.

Volunteer Africa projects aim at working in Africa to make a difference to the lives of local communities of Africa. Community development being the main aim of Volunteer Africa, it works and spends all its resources on projects that will directly affect the lives of rural Africans.

Adventure travel Africa is becoming more popular as Africa is fast becoming the preferred destination for adventure tourists from all round the world. There is a wide variety of adventure to choose from in Africa; adventurous treks across the savannahs or grasslands; the wondrous Serengeti which is a unique ecosystem which hosts the largest mammal migration on the earth and which is considered as one of the natural wonders of the world. It can also include wildlife safaris where one can see all the animals that urban people see in zoos from really close quarters.

Projects for Volunteer Africa includes wildlife preservation, conservation of flora and fauna, preserving the ethnic culture of different tribal groups, scientific research concerning environmental issues etc. and is the focus of such Volunteer Africa groups who also have programs to create awareness about these issues and encourage volunteers from all over the world, of different age groups and vocations to do work where it is needed on this continent and also collect donations for different NGOs working here.

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