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VEHICLE AUTOMOTIVE Be Prepared on Your Next Road Trip

Be Prepared on Your Next Road Trip

By: Dan Bodrero | Nov 8 2009 | 636 words | 1025 hits

Almost everyone, regardless of their age, wants to go out and relish the freedom of the open road. Going on a road trip spells adventure for anyone with wanderlust. If you do decide to cross the country, take some time to prepare . That said, you also might need to rig your vehicle with comfy car seat covers.

When considering car seat covers, comfort, as well as safety, should be in mind when deciding on a product. A road trip, can last a few days or even weeks. Sheepskin seat covers are an especially good choice for road-trip afficionados. Sheepskin seat covers, apart from keeping your car seats protected from the long sitting hours you will have to experience, also add extra comfort. Sheepskin seat covers help keep you and your passengers warm in the winter and keep you from burning your legs in the summer.

Another good option is to have your vehicle's seats fitted with neoprene seat covers. Waterproof and very durable, neoprene seat covers can easily protect your car seats from damage caused by beverage and food spills, constant changing of positions, and exposure to the elements.

Aside from seat covers, there are other essentials a road tripper must consider before setting out. If you are going out with a group, it is wise to have a point person to do some research and map your route. Research should include finding out the locations of gas stations, motels, camp sites, shortcuts, and the like. A point person is critical in navigating and in making decisions like where to stay or what road to take.

Before leaving, checking the vehicle's engine, tires, oil, and brakes is pretty much a logical thing to do. You must also check if you have enough food and water to last until you reach your next stop. Driving with the latest maps is imperative, as well as bringing some clothes, pillows, blankets and proper identification. While everyone wants a smooth and enjoyable road trip, everyone must prepare for emergencies. Having an emergency kit handy or knowing the location of the nearest hospital can be a life saver.

Other essential accessories needed for a road trip:

Ãâ‚ Proof of Insurance - handy in times of accidents Ãâ‚ GPS Locator / Navigator - can help motorists locate the nearest motel or gas stations, as well as tell them where a highway leads to Ãâ‚ Jumper cables - very useful in case of dead batteries Ãâ‚ Trash bags Ãâ‚ Ice boxes - keeps cool things cool and prevents the mess that melted ice makes Ãâ‚ Mobile phones with spare batteries - communication tool Ãâ‚ Flashlights Ãâ‚ Spare tires with tools Ãâ‚ A portable music player

Another thing road trippers must agree among themselves is dividing the driving duties and the cost of the whole trip, as the fuel costs could get expensive. For parents with teenagers who are planning to set out for a road trip, it is quite necessary to instill in them necessary skills such as tire changing, responsible driving, and first aid.

While parents' fears are quite understandable, they must also understand that a road trip can be a positive experience to their teenagers and a memorable journey towards independence. For adults, a road trip can be the break they need from the rigors of a busy life. With all that said, it is very important that a road trip should be as safe as it is comfortable.

About the Author: Dan Bodrero has owned and operated his own store, manufacturing and selling seatcovers and dashboard mats for nearly every make and model of car truck or SUV. Dan takes pride in the quality of his workmanship and stands by every product that leaves his store. Each custom made seat cover is hand crafted from quality materials and is guaranteed to protect your automobile and fit securely and snugly.

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