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VEHICLE CARS A Complete Guide to Know About Steam Car Wash

A Complete Guide to Know About Steam Car Wash

By: Lauren Zwiebel | Dec 31 2012 | 464 words | 1075 hits

The term steam car wash should refer to using steam to clean cars and other vehicles. However, in the jargon of the cleaning industry and for the purpose of this article, it refers to using heated output for auto detailing. The heated output has many advantages in all types of cleaning, not just auto detailing. It has more cleaning power, allows the surfaces to dry up quickly, and does not cause too much water run-off.

This article narrates how different cleaning machines make use of heated output for a steam car wash.

Steam Cleaners
It is better to start with car steam cleaners. These are the machines that offer the maximum output temperature – in other words the hottest steam output. The output temperature of these machines ranges up to 386°F depending on the model.

Portable steam cleaner machines are used to clean the hard surfaces inside an automobile, for example, dashboards and steering wheels. Care must be taken when using car steam cleaners for cleaning vehicles. When using a steam cleaner for a steam car wash, the machine would never be used for exterior cleaning. The scrubbing action needed for using steam cleaners may scratch your vehicle.

When choosing portable steam cleaner machines, it is better to opt for machines with dry steam output. These machines use less water to clean and have a better cleaning efficiency too.

Carpet Cleaners
Carpet cleaning machines are used to clean the soft surfaces in a vehicle. These are used as auto detailing equipment for cleaning mats, carpets, and seat upholstery. Carpet cleaners are not designed for cleaning hard surfaces.

When choosing carpet cleaners for mobile steam car wash, one must choose machines equipped with low flow technology. Such machines also provide the earlier-mentioned benefits such as quick drying time and better cleaning. In addition, these machines make sure that there will not be any problems with water run-off. The 'steam' output temperature of carpet cleaners is 210°F.

Many auto detailing companies now offer mobile car wash. That is, they go to the customer's houses and garages on request to clean the vehicles. Not all such places have good drainage facilities. Excess water run-off will eventually attract fines and other charges. Carpet cleaners with low flow technology help the workers avoid such fines.

Pressure Washers
Pressure washers are used as auto detailing equipment for cleaning the hard exterior surfaces. The major condition for using these machines for portable car wash is that the output pressure has to be less than 1500 psi. These machines offer wet steam output. The output temperature of such machines is often 250°F-330°F.

Pressure washers used for steam car wash should have a low flow rate. The lower the flow rate is, the less water is used during the cleaning process. This is ideal for areas that may not have as adequate drainage as needed.

About author:
Daimer Industries is a leading supplier of auto detailing equipment. Daimer provides a complete range of car wash equipment including car steam cleaners machines and many more.
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