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VEHICLE CARS Enjoy Spring Festival Sale: Choose Autodvdgps to Buy Auto DVD players

Enjoy Spring Festival Sale: Choose Autodvdgps to Buy Auto DVD players

By: | Mar 8 2012 | 467 words | 898 hits

Enjoy Spring Festival Sale: Choose Autodvdgps to Buy Auto DVD players

Christmas was just away from us, Spring Festival is drawing near! I believe that every one of you is familiar with the Christmas, but have you ever heard something about the Chinese Spring Festival? As we all know, every nation has its own folk festivals. The Christmas is the most important day in the western world, while Spring Festival is the most important traditional Chinese holiday, also known as Chinese New Year.

Just like Christmas, Spring Festival is also a chance for people to be away from their regular work and everyday worries to enjoy them and to develop kinship and friendship. It is celebrated by all the Chinese throughout the world. In addition, it is also a season of shopping spree from various promotion activities. To enjoy China's biggest festival with you, autodvdgps, as a Chinese professional automotive aftermarket products online store, has already prepared a variety of promotion items for its consumers.

Autodvdgps is run by Qualir. Founded in 1998, aims at Quality and Reliability, Qualir Inc. is a leading worldwide retailer provides a great variety of car DVD players, car electronics, automotive tools and car accessories for all makes of cars. Have you ever got everything for your love vehicle from the just passed Christmas promotions? If haven't, you must not miss this good chance. Quickly join Qualir's super festival sale, and enjoy the happiness with it!

To celebrate the Spring Festival, Qualir will send car owners unexpected presents. From now until February 8, every consumer who visit autodvdgps can enjoy the Spring Festival sales promotion campaign. That means, once you visit autodvdgps and bought appointed products, you can enjoy Spring Festival extraordinary sale: $ 50 off and extra giveaway.

If you are just looking for a car DVD player, you are lucky! Go to autodvdgps and buy any of car DVD players which are on promotion will save you $ 50, but remember that the only condition being that you must remember to use your coupon of spring2012. But how to win the extra giveaway? The means is that: if there is 8 in the last digit of the orders from Spring Festival promotion, you will get giveaway. you will win gift certificate by randomly from $ 18, $ 28, $ 38, $48, $ 58, $ 68, $ 78 to $ 88. But why is the number '8'? Simply, 8 is a lucky number in China, so we use it to bring you good luck!

Autodvdgps, as car owners' first choice, will bring you more good products during the coming year. 2012 is China's Dragon Year, while dragon is the highest-ranking animal in China, which represents good luck and fortune. Wish you a happy new year! May the good luck, fortune and happiness around you today and always!

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