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VEHICLE CARS My last trip to Hamilton

My last trip to Hamilton

By: Robert vadra | Apr 23 2012 | 481 words | 1142 hits

I still can’t forget my last trip to Hamilton. Wow, it was one hell of a trip that completely changed the way I imagined people in New Jersey to come across as. Before my family and I planned this trip, we were told that Hamilton is indeed a great place but the people there are not very friendly and cooperative. For sometime I was still dwelling over the thought of whether or not I should consider this trip, but looking at the excitement with which my children and my wife were packing and planning the itinerary, I just couldn’t say no to this opportunity. But I must agree that I still had my doubts and wasn’t sure of the place at all. The reviews about the place were given by some of my most trusted frinds who had visited Hamilton in the past and were disappointed.

However, with a positive mind and hoping for the best I set out for this short journey with my family. But to tell you honestly, I was surprised by what came next. I had booked us on a mid-range hotel through a travel advisor who was handling my entire trip. I did not expect someone from the hotel to be at the airport to greet me and my carrier from the airport to the hotel was ready. I was really surprised and the icing on the cake is that all of it was done without any prior request made by me. The hotel really paid attention to the fact that I was visiting this city for the first time and went the extra mile to help my family and me.

The carrier that had come to pick us up from the airport was a posh car from the honda service, seeing which my kids jumped with excitement. While we were on the way, I saw many Hondas in Hamilton, which clearly gave me an idea that Honda service was amongst the most popular services in the city. Nevertheless, we reached the hotel and then came surprise number 2 as the staff was waiting at the lobby with a fruit basket. Flowers and welcome drink. We were greeted with a warm smile and just as we took a sip from the drink, I knew that all my doubts were unnecessary. Hamilton was indeed a great city and people there were genuinely nice.

We were very tired after the journey and we planned not to go out anywhere but stay within the four walls of our comfortable family room which had all amenities. My kids were happy enjoying cartoon on the LED television, my wife wanted to take spa treatment and I as usual set out near the window looking at the traffic outside. I was strange how I saw mostly Honda in Hamilton, which further reinstated my belief that Honda is the most preferred car in this pulsating city.


About author:
In the evening, we all enjoyed a great 6-course dinner, which was complimentary from the hotel and slept with great peace. When it comes to premium features such as air-conditioning, power accessories and alloys wheels Honda Civic DXG now offers these items as standard equipment. We also offer Used Honda, Honda Service at cool rates.
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