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VEHICLE CARS Why You Should Maintain Your Brakes

Why You Should Maintain Your Brakes

By: Ray Price | Feb 11 2012 | 404 words | 940 hits

As winter draws near, most drivers understand the importance of adjusting their driving habits, having the engine oil changed and double-checking the antifreeze and washer fluid levels. However, one component is often overlooked and it’s one of the most important safety features of your vehicle: the brakes.

At Budds’ BMW Oakville we cater to a diverse client base all over Southern Ontario, selling new and used BMWs in Toronto, Hamilton and the GTA. Every year we recommend bringing your vehicle in for a winterization appointment with our certified BMW service department. Along with every other critical component of your new or pre-owned BMW, our technicians will check your brakes.

ABS technology has become standard in the automotive industry, helping to prevent wheels from locking during hard-brake maneuvers. This is particularly important to prevent a skid and maintain traction when you need to stop quickly. But to get the most out of ABS technology, it’s important to make sure every component of your brake system is functioning correctly.

One of the reasons our dealership in Oakville is so proud to carry a brand as prestigious as Bavarian Motor Works is the commitment to innovation that goes into every piece of every car they make. Whether it’s a BMW 3 series or a BMW 5 series, years of innovation have been poured into every aspect of the car – including the brakes.

For example, BMW EfficientDynamics – a commitment to greener, more efficient technology – incorporates Brake Energy Regeneration. An electronic control module captures and feeds kinetic energy into the alternator during braking to reduce the amount of power the battery draws from the engine – lowering fuel consumption. While accelerating, the alternator is decoupled from the drivetrain – freeing more of the engine’s output. This is one example of innovative BMW parts developed to improve a specific component of the overall vehicle.

If you drive a BMW convertible, sedan, SUV or crossover – you’re driving a vehicle with a brake system that’s been continuously improved and re-engineered for decades. But like every other component of your vehicle, proper maintenance is required to ensure optimized performance. Worn brake pads, frozen brake lines, warped brake rotors, etc. can all compromise your driving performance. Our expert BMW service staff can check your BMW’s brakes for you and, if need be, replace them with certified BMW parts. You can bring in your new or used BMW to our service department to inspect your vehicle.


About author:
We sell and maintain new and used bmw including the popular BMW x1 in Oakville, Ontario. When it comes to your brakes, we take properly servicing your BMW seriously, using only genuine BMW parts and accessories. For drivers looking for a little more, we can order and install BMW Performance Brake Kits on your new or pre-owned BMW. Visit our website to learn more about our services and browse our inventory at You can also connect with us on Facebook at or on Twitter @BuddsBMW.
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