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VEHICLE MOTORCYCLES Cleaning A Motorcycle Exhausts Made Easy!

Cleaning A Motorcycle Exhausts Made Easy!

By: Neomy John | Feb 8 2013 | 611 words | 1078 hits

Are you tired of changing your motorcycle exhaust regularly? Does your motorcycle exhaust wear out quicker than supposed? Well, here is the solution you have been looking for. All you have to do is clean your exhaust system regularly and avoid these problems. It’s easy!

Whenever you go out for a ride, your motorcycle exhaust system is exposed to dirt and other materials which are harmful to it. Materials like rubber and plastics get melted onto the exhaust pipe forming a residue. This residue clogs inside the pipe and blocks the flow of gases. This in return affects the overall performance of the exhaust system. In some cases, this might lead to immature wear and tear of the system.

The need to clean your motorcycles exhaust system arises. You do not have to go to a motorcycle cleaner to get this done. You can do it on your own but with the right equipment and by following the right steps. These steps are for both chrome and non-chrome touring motorcycle exhaust systems.

Cleaning equipment needed

In the first case we use a chrome exhaust pipe as an example.

·         Scrub pads

·         Brush (soft)

·         Cleaners and wax

·         Chrome cleaner

·         Chrome polish

·         Clean soft rags

·         Soft chrome pad

·         Steel Polish

·         Non- reactive metal cleaner

·         A bucket of clean water

Steps to follow

·         Start by parking the motorcycle in a shade away from direct sunlight. Ensure that the pipes have cooled down completely before starting the cleaning process.

·         Take the plastic bucket and fill it with water. Dip the microfiber rag in the water and use it to wipe the exterior of the exhaust pipe. Then dry it using a dry soft rag.

·         Take the chrome cleaner and treat the exhaust pipe with it. Apply it thoroughly and allow it to set onto the chrome pipe for some few minutes. After about five minutes, use the soft brush to scrub the pipe. This you do smoothly to avoid scratching the exhaust pipe.  Use the scrub pad to scrub out any remaining dirt. Ensure that all the dirt is off and proceed to the next step.

·         Take the chrome polish and rub it onto the pipe. This you do by the use of a soft rag. Apply this polish in a smooth circular motion. When it’s evenly applied, rub off the polish using a clean rag and a clean soft chrome pad. After wiping off the polish, check whether the exhaust pipe is clean. If it is not yet clean, repeat this process until the exhaust pipes are sparkling clean.

In case the motorcycle exhaust pipe is not chrome, follow the first two steps in the above steps;

·         Using a non-reactive metal cleaner, treat the exhaust system pipes. Using the soft scrub pads, scrub the pipes thoroughly but smoothly and rinse.

·         Apply the steel polish to the exhaust using a soft rag. After rubbing it onto the pipe for a few minutes, wipe it off. Repeat this process until the pipe is shining clean.

·         If there are some melted plastics inside the exhaust system, use a ‘blue job’ cleaner. Add some water to it and make a paste. Apply it onto the pipes. Then, wrap a cloth around a piece of wood. Use it to scrub off the residue. Scrub thoroughly but with care until all the residue is off the exhaust system. Then rinse off the pipes using clean water and leave them to air-dry.

The above steps for both chrome and non-chrome pipes are very easy to follow. When followed and done regularly, they will ensure that your touring motorcycle exhaust is always clean. This always makes sure that your exhaust system is in high performance and out of any danger.


About author:
Neomy John is an online automotive article writer specializing on Motorcycle tires and Exhausts. More information about her work on Touring Motorcycle Bike Exhaust or Harley Motorcycle Tires where detailed information about motorcycle products is also given.
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