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VEHICLE MOTORCYCLES Motorcycle Tires Care guideline

Motorcycle Tires Care guideline

By: Neomy John | Jan 12 2013 | 727 words | 1094 hits

Most people neglect touring motorcycle tires in the name of they are tough and cannot be affected by anything. This is however not the case, just as with car tires or any other tires, these too need be taken care of. Proper maintenance measures have to be taken to keep them in good shape and help them last for long.

The reason why you change your tires regularly before you even forget the price, at which you bought them, is because you do not take good care of them which in turn gives them a short life spun. Many of you have fallen victims of regular tire change, and you end up blaming the manufacturers or the sellers, but the person to blame is actually you.

This article will give you some tips on how to take proper maintenance measures on your motorcycle tires and have the best relationship with your tires!

Clean the Tires Regularly

The first step towards a longer life with your tires is cleaning the regularly. This you do using a detergent, clean water and a scrubbing brush. Use a mild detergent that will not react with the tires. Tough detergents when used will expose the tire to high wear and tear. This is why a mild detergent should be used. Use a friendly brush with soft bristles that will not also harm the tire by interfering with the tread pattern. Clean gently until clean. Cleaning your motorcycle bike tire helps you to find faults that might be on the tire that could otherwise be unnoticeable on a dirty tire.

Regular checking

In a touring motorcycle, the tires are the ones exposed to most harm than any other part. They are exposed to potholes and bumpy roads, extreme temperatures, overloading and other sorts of harm, yet they are very essential to the bike. These, however are things you cannot avoid and they end up wearing out the tire. However, regular checking of the tires can help curb the problems that emerge from harm exposed to the tires. After every ride, ensure that you carry out a check process on the motorcycle tires. This you can do during the cleaning process. Check out for any leakages, check the tire pressure, wheel alignment and wheel balance. These are some of the components that ensure that your motorcycle tires are in good performance and give them long service duration. Ensure that the tires of your motorcycle have the right tire pressure, the wheels are correctly aligned and they are always in balance. This will reduce the wearing rate and ensure they wear out evenly.

Correct tire matching

Sometimes it happens that one of the tires on your motorcycle wears out before the other. In this case, maybe the rear tire wears out before the front tire. When this happens, most of you change the worn out tire and replace it with a new one. It might sound okay but it is not right. When one of the tires wears out before the other, both of them should be replaced at the same time. A new tire when used together with an old tire causes instability in the motorcycle movement which in turn might cause an accident. This is because the tread pattern is most likely not the same since one is a bit worn out than the other. So it’s always good to ensure that your tires are matched. A new rear tire should go with a new front tire.

Read the guidelines

The manufacturer’s guidelines are very important to read and follow. The manufacturer knows the tire better than anyone else. This means that he knows the best care measures for your specific motorcycle tires. For example, a guideline from V Twin motorcycle Tires, will give you the tire pressure at which the tires should be maintained, the right detergent to use on them, the best terrain that the tires are best suited for and how regularly you should change the tires. Always read them after buying tires.


When parking your motorcycle, ensure that you park it away from direct sunlight which makes the tires weak. Also, avoid parking the bike near any machines that might expose them to gas and oil like electrical motors.

These measures when put in practice will give your tires the best performance and keep them in good shape for long. You have no reason to neglect your touring motorcycle tires anymore.



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