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VEHICLE MOTORCYCLES What you need to know about Motorcycle Exhausts

What you need to know about Motorcycle Exhausts

By: Neomy John | Jan 12 2013 | 520 words | 1038 hits

An exhaust system is a piping that is generally used on automobiles for the purpose of guiding away unwanted gases from the inside of the engine. These are the burnt gases that are of no use to the engine.
In motorcycles, the exhaust pipe is visible and can be on the right hand side or the left hand side. However, in most motorcycles, the exhaust is on the right hand side. The exhausts are either made from steel, carbon fiber, titanium or aluminum.

Touring motorcycle exhausts help in improving the overall performance of the motorcycle and in determining the power of the motorcycle. This is how it works; the flow of motorcycle exhaust gases is directly proportional to the motorcycle performance and power.

There are some components of the touring motorcycle exhaust that determine the performance and power of the bike. You need to consider them as a motorist so that your touring motorcycle can give you the best performance in all your tours.

A motorcycle exhaust should not be too large or too small. You probably think that the larger the pipe the better the exhaust gas emission thus the greater the motorcycle performance. However, this is not the case. A big exhaust, due to its being large is unable to search for the exhaust gases properly and this causes low performance of the bike and loss in power. On the other hand, when a very small exhaust is used, it causes restrictions in the flow of the exhaust gas. It causes in-built backward pressure in the exhaust pipe which causes inefficiency to the touring motorcycle bike. This in return causes poor performance of the bike.

Thus, to be on the safe side, the size of the motorcycle exhaust should just be right. You can ask your motorcycle manufacturer for assistance on the right motorcycle exhaust for your type of motorcycle during replacement.

Motorcycle exhausts can either be single exhausts or dual exhausts. This depends on the type of engine used and the purpose of the motorcycle in question.  Both come with advantages and disadvantages and the choice is left to you as the buyer to choose the one that suits you best depending on the purpose of your bike.

A single motorcycle exhaust, which is also referred to as a single slip-on motorcycle exhaust has the following characteristics;

·         It is cheap in cost

·         It has an increased gas flow rate

·         It is light in weight

·         It lasts for long due to the materials used in its manufacture.

·         Wide exhaust pipe

The dual motorcycle exhaust, on the other hand has these advantages,

·         Great engine horse power

·         Heavy in weight

·         Narrower exhaust pipes compared to the single exhaust pipe.

·         Great exhaust gas flow due to the narrower pipes

These are the characteristics of both single and dual touring motorcycle exhausts. They determine the performance of the motorcycle. For any racing enthusiasts out there, you are advised to use a dual exhaust on your motorcycle as it increases the performance of your bike.

These are the basics you need to know about touring motorcycles exhausts. But the choice you make is determined by the type of engine on your bike.



About author:
Neomy John is an online article writer. She writes informational articles on Motorcycle tires, motorcycle exhausts and car wheels. You can find more information about her on Touring Motorcycle Bike Exhausts  
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