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VEHICLE TRUCK reports Sun's business in China deadlock IBM plans to push the sunset plan to eroded reports Sun's business in China deadlock IBM plans to push the sunset plan to eroded

By: chenxiao | Jan 10 2010 | 934 words | 1011 hits

As and Oracle (Oracle) delay in the merger is approved, the server vendor Sun are big "loss of blood."

Sun most recently reported quarter showed that as at the end of August, Sun quarter net loss amounted to 147 million, so far, Sun has lost four consecutive quarters. At the same time, due to the financial crisis and the impact of mergers and acquisitions in China, the world's fastest-growing parts of the server market, Sun's business situation of impasse.

At the same time, Sun in the Chinese market is facing pressure from the competitor, Sun's competitors IBM China as competition for customer resource, has launched its official website sunset (Sun-set) an ex-gratia scheme, which aims to Incentive Sun users to quickly shift to IBM's system platform.

Business in China deadlock

Earlier reports said, Oracle China has begun to integrate Sun of China, in which under the influence, Sun has emerged in China sector as a whole separation phenomenon. However, these messages have not been officially confirmed.

This year, Sun is under a series of bad news, Sun has been the industry trend of China's concern, but the Sun China has not been released this information to the outside world. Yesterday, the reporter called the Sun Chuan-Dong Wang, director of public relations in China understand the current operation of Sun in China. He said there is no information on this topic can be disclosed.

"Officers also relatively stable", Sun Ka dealers and the sky a business leader of anonymity, told reporters, "and our daily contact Sun service charge, including (for) all sectors are still the backbone of personnel. "

"According to observations, Sun operating in China is still relatively normal things that occurred at the headquarters of China's channel partners, no impact," the responsible person for further revealed that the company was sure that there is movement of M & A phenomenon, he said the inconvenience to the specific circumstances ming.

However, a source close to Sun in China, told reporters, Sun China's trade division of confusion, the product is responsible for system and is difficult to clarify. "IBM's advertising overwhelming, but you simply do not see Sun ads, even the publicity could not."

One channel have the same feeling person in charge, "Sun now I'm not attend the meeting, and because there is no specific strategy for them too."

For the Sun's operation in China, September 21, Sun of China, said an executive of the media revealed that so far, Sun and Oracle China, China is still operating in different states, regardless of how changes in the market, Sun, China will remains committed to and the performance after the signing of terms of service and customer, and the merger is not in any way. He also said that at present China has no layoff plans Sun.

This reporter has learned, Sun is currently the industry depend largely on the basis of the original - there are brands and technologies for Sun obsessive customers. A civil aviation information management officer, said in an interview that they have a lot of room in Sun servers, Sun has been news of mergers and acquisitions at present has no effect on them.

IBM dig Client

As the operations in China to promote ineffective, Sun's business has been eroded by other companies.

Recently, IBM China in its official Web site showed the sun (Sun-set) an ex-gratia scheme, which aims to stimulate Sun users to quickly move to IBM's platform up, IBM will migrate to this end to provide the appropriate incentives and concessions.

IBM stated in the scheme, Oracle will acquire Sun, while the acquirer Oracle lack of operating experience in the hardware business, which will enable customers are faced with forced migration and the risk of cost increases. IBM said that more than 700 clients worldwide have decided to move from Sun to IBM.

Pairs of sun flag a department official told reporters that persists in the form of inter-server vendors is not rare, but this time he did not feel that IBM and HP on the Sun client resources Pinqiang have signs of increase.

The department is responsible to the press revealed that, Sun's traditional strengths in China's industry is energy, telecommunications, education, etc., "These customers are very obsession Sun, this time does not appear to IBM customers, and HP 'defections' of the phenomenon."

Another channel of a Sun dealer business leader told reporters that the original Sun is most powerful in the oil industry, but now Sun the situation has been dominating the world over, all over the country's oil system has begun to buy a large number of servers IBM and HP. At the same time, Sun's another big advantage of the industry - the profits of the telecommunications industry, IBM has also been eroded. IBM, a management team has revealed that the domestic telecom equipment factory is moving from a Sun to migrate to the IBM platform.

In the international arena, although the merger has not been approved by the European Union, but Oracle has begun a joint Sun counter rivals IBM and Hewlett-Packard dug Sun "corner" behavior. Oracle said that IBM would not laissez-faire to get people, and advertised to Sun's customers who hold on. Oracle CEO Ellison directly to the IBM declaration, Oracle acquisition of Sun "is a step into the past when the boss."

Double flag sunny business leader for Zhang to the view that mergers and acquisitions may be a good thing for both sides, Beijing's channel business is currently no layoffs due to mergers and acquisitions and Sun have been disturbed by such news. "As early as five years ago, Sun's hardware with Oracle's software, it was recognized as the industry's most efficient system solution, is a classic." Zhang is.

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