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VEHICLE TRUCK How To Evaluate Used Jacked Up Trucks

How To Evaluate Used Jacked Up Trucks

By: Jacqueline Mayer | Oct 24 2010 | 480 words | 1461 hits

Never purchase a used jacked up truck without taking it to a shop to examine it or if you have the skill and tools put it up on a lift to examine it for yourself. Expect to find some problems, but never purchase a used jacked up truck without knowing those problems beforehand.

Once you have that jacked up truck up on a lift, check all four wheels to examine the brakes. Examine the brake pads and take off the tires to examine the brake rotors. Don't be fooled by brand new brake pads; there still could be a crack in the rotor.

One trick for determining how hard a truck has been driven is to look closely at the exhaust manifold. Broken bolts here indicate a truck which has experienced exceptionally high Exhaust Gas Temperatures. This is all kinds of bad news as such a truck may soon experience everything from worn out piston rings and burned out valves to exhaust leaks and burned out turbo chargers.

Of course, you should examine the entire engine and undercarriage for any possible leaks. Don't be dismayed by every single leak as some aren't signs are of anything serious and can be simple and cheap to fix. In fact, finding these kinds of leaks are usually opportunities to talk the price of the truck down. So start with the rear differential and go from there. A leak there indicates a pricey fix.

Bad leaks include those around the transmission can and along the rear of the transmission seal. Instead what you hope to see is a transmission that looks more clean the engine around it. This often means you're looking at a well-maintained truck.

Are there any signs of water pump leaks? This is an expensive repair, but doesn't mean the truck isn't worth buying. Sometimes you can talk the seller into offering a discount for such repair and still get yourself a good truck for the long haul.

Some other leaks to consider are antifreeze leaks from the radiator and leaks from around the pump for the power steering. Of course any oil leaks should be identified and examined. Some oil leaks aren't disasters and are again just opportunity to get the truck for cheaper; other leaks, however, mean bad news for the long-term durability of the truck.

Remember that when you agree to see a used jacked up truck, you are going to examine that truck. You are not going to buy that truck. Don't let the seller change this frame of mind. Also remember that even if you identify a few necessary repairs the truck may still be a good buy. A good used truck may just need a little love and signs of a few needed repairs may just help you get the truck for cheaper.

However, either way you must closely examine used jacked up trucks to accurately identify their condition and pay a fair price.

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