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VEHICLE TRUCK Most Sought After Jeep Exterior Accessories

Most Sought After Jeep Exterior Accessories

By: Neomy John | Oct 5 2012 | 687 words | 1231 hits

You can transform your old jeep that people think is not worth being on the road anymore into a new beautiful jeep within a fortnight. The best thing about this is that no one will know that you have transformed it but everyone will think that it’s a brand new jeep! Read on and know the secret to jeep transformation.

 Hood Latch Kits

Your jeep’s hood latches need to be replaced from time to time because they get worn out quickly exposing the stuff in the hood to insecurity. That’s why hood latch kits are made available to you by bestop. For those who have no idea what a hood latch is or maybe use a different name to refer to it, a hood latch is a catch that holds the hood of your jeep in a closed position during jeep rides. Hood latch kits are part of exterior jeep accessories that should always be in your jeep if you love it as much as you say. The hood latches in the kit are sold in pairs and come in chrome or black. They are classical and stylish to look nice on your jeep. Get yourself hood latch kits and dispose the rusty hood latches on your jeep.

Tail Gate Bar Kits

The tail gate bar kit is another exterior accessory that is a must have for all jeep lovers. Tailgate bars allow you to open the rear of your jeep without having to unzip the rear window. This makes it easy for you to access the rear cargo area. The tailgate works well with your jeep’s tops and soft tops. The best thing about tail gate bars is that they fit on any jeep model. If you need to access the rear cargo quickly to save time, get the tail bar kit today.

Sport Bar Covers

Sport bar covers are exterior jeep accessories that are used to replace worn out covers. They come in original factory colors to give your jeep a new exact look just as you bought it! Sport bar covers from          bestop    are specifically made for your jeep model and fit exactly so that no one can tell whether they are a replacement or the original factory bars. They are strong and have UV inhibitors to prevent them from fading. No need to worry anymore about your jeep ageing. All you need to do is go to bestop and get yourself new sport bar covers and transform your old jeep into a brand new jeep.

Tire Covers

Your spare tire needs to be covered to protect it from harm and dust. Jeep tire covers will do this for you. Tire covers are jeep exterior accessories that come in different colors to go with the color of your jeep and different sizes to fit any tire. Bestop tire covers come in varied sizes so you will be spoilt for choice.


Trail Covers

Jeep trail covers are important in covering your jeep from all harsh weather conditions. Trail covers are made specially to fit on any jeep model and size. And to top it all, they come with door opening protection flaps to protect the interior of your jeep when no doors or trail doors are in use. The covers come in charcoal and spice colors to suit your taste. Jeep trail covers will give you all the protection and security you need, whenever and wherever.


Jeep Trekstep

This is a solution to the backache you experience when loading cargo on your jeep or making adjustments. Treksteps solve this by giving you easy access to the top of your jeep so that you do not have to stretch your body and in the process harm yourself whenever you want to add cargo onto your jeep.  A trekstep is like a ladder. It is attached to the rear of your jeep and springs out when needed and tucks under your jeep bumper when not in use. If you are this person who makes numerous trips on your jeep and load cargo every time, a trekstep is best for you.


With the above exterior jeep accessories, you are assured that your jeep will be in the best condition ever!

About author:
Neomy John is an online article writer. She writes informational articles on jeeps and related jeep accessories.You can find more about her and her work on bestop on Bestop page.      bestop
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