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VEHICLE TRUCK New Tillage Practice - Delivering Multidimensional Benefits

New Tillage Practice - Delivering Multidimensional Benefits

By: Jonnie T. Allen | Jan 22 2011 | 347 words | 917 hits

Strip tillage is the new farming practice that allows the farmers to reduce nitrous oxide to contribute significantly in global mission for reducing global warming. The best part of this new farming practice is that it increases crop production noticeably. The benefits of strip tilling have been proved by numerous researches made throughout the world.

Recently in an experiment, a research team monitored the poorly drained fields of clay pan soil planted with corn after the soybean. One part of this field was 'strip tilled' and a rich dose of nitrogen fertilizer was delivered in the soil. Another part of field was left untilled and nitrogen fertilizer was placed on the surface. The experts found that strip tillage significantly reduced the greenhouse gases emission when compared to that of no-till treated part.

Under strip tillage, field is tilled in strips of approx. one foot wide with 8 to 9 inches depth instead of tilling entire field. As result, crop residues remains on the surface of the field. This farming process needs less fertilizer and less tilling efforts. It reduces soil erosion but conserves soil moisture in the large area of farming field. To get improved results, one needs to focus upon efficient fertilizer use at every stage. More fertilizer doesnt guarantee for more yields. Besides the process, the use of proper tilling equipments is also must. Manufacturers of farming machinery and equipments offer wide range, so that, you can choose the best suitable. As the strip tillage needs less use of fuel driven vehicles, so we save fuel and time both.

Therefore, benefits of strip tilling are multidimensional. It seems simple and less effort involving but it needs continuous monitoring and perfection as is needed in traditional farming. If it is the first time to switch over to strip tillage, you may not get the results at very first season as per your expectations but do not worry. Just, take it as an investment for the better yields in the coming years. If you are not feeling confident, take the free help being offered by many Govt. supported or Pvt. agencies.

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