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VEHICLE TRUCK What Brand Of Truck Bed Covers Will Become The Tonneau Cover King?

What Brand Of Truck Bed Covers Will Become The Tonneau Cover King?

By: Jane | Nov 8 2009 | 370 words | 796 hits

Have you ever wondered why so many products have names that are either accepted as a brand name or become the term most commonly used to describe the product? Look at the success of Kleenex, which has become synonymous with tissue. Some would say this is the same phenomenon that is happening within the truck bed cover market over tonneau cover.

Now the question is which of the vast array of leading manufacturers can make their tonneau cover product become the top brand in the customer's mind? Here is a list of the best selling tonneau cover brands on the market.

  • TruXedo tonneau covers include; TruXport, Lo Pro, Deuce, and Soft Roll Up.
  • Access tonneau covers by Agri-Cover include; Limited Edition, Lorado, Roll Up, Literider, and Vanish.
  • Extang tonneau covers include; Solid Fold, Revolution, Trifecta, RT, FullTilt, Classic and Platinum.
  • Lund tonneau covers include; Genesis Tri-Fold, Genesis Roll Up, Genesis Hinged, Genesis Seal and Peel, and Genesis Snap.
  • Retrax, pickup truck tonneau covers are a retractable hard, Lexan type material.

The tonneau cover manufacturers mentioned all strive to improve their products for better fit and ease of function. Truxedo, Access, Extang, Lund and Retrax offer tonneau covers that are either soft, roll up, snap, hinged, retractable or hard including covers that work with a toolbox. Each maker has applications for every make and model of pickup trucks from the newest models to trucks that are twenty years old. As the pickup body styles have changed so has tonneau covers adapting to guarantee a great fit. The difference in price will range with the type of cover and its features but look to spend at least $250 for a quality tonneau cover.

New materials that are lighter, stronger and weather resistant are integrated into the production of new products. A good example of this are the Retrax tonneau covers that feature a retractable, polycarbonate or more commonly known as Lexan, cover. This innovative lightweight, weather resistant and nearly indestructible material combined with smart design and engineering is making the Retrax tonneau cover a favorite among truck owners who can afford it.

TruXedo, Access, Extang, Lund and Retrax are the brands to watch who that will redefine tonneau covers and possibly make their brand become synonymous for tonneau covers in the future.

About author:
For a full review of all the tonneau covers and truck bed covers available from Truxedo, Access, Extang, Lund and Retrax, visit Ultimate Truck and Auto Accessories.
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